Imagine for a minute that you are a traveler determined to pursue a particular route but your path brings you to the edge of a deep chasm or ravine.

From where you stand you can see that your path continues on the other side. You gaze into the depths, assessing the challenges you face. You now have decisions to make: go down into the chasm to climb to the opposite side, go around it if you can or quit and go home. For people with disabilities. daily life is full of chasms. For these people, life is complicated and exhausting.

For businesses, municipalities and other professional service providers seeking to reduce or eliminate barriers there are several choices for dealing with chasms. Here lies the problem. Selecting a course of action demands change, maybe a lot. Most of us resist change; we teeter on the brink, stuck. So the chasm gets deeper and wider simply because we fail to engage.

Crossing the Chasm, LLC is an accessibility management consulting firm. We help private and public entities identify, evaluate, and successfully eliminate facility and programmatic barriers facing people with disabilities. We provide a variety of tools including leadership coaching, staff training, site evaluations, and transition planning assistance We champion the application of universal design and work closely with professionals to explore and evaluate access solutions that improve life for everyone.