Client: Utilities Department of the city of Oklahoma City

Client challenge

A city department has a valued employee with a disability that wants to return to work following an illness. The city also wants to be sure that it identifies mutually beneficial and appropriate tools, techniques, policies, and practices that accelerate long-term success.

Explore, evaluate, and identify reasonable accommodations to expedite a person with a disability returning to work.
The challenge: Neither the city or the employee was familiar with tools or techniques (reasonable accommodations) that might help this employee independently perform the essential functions of job.
Evaluate current department Reasonable Accommodations policies and practices.
The Challenge: Making recommendations affects the entire city. As a result, a team comprising Crossing the Chasm and human resources and legal professionals to explore the ramifications of changes to city contracts and employment policies.
Provide department training for all levels of staff on department Reasonable Accommodations policies including roles and responsibilities.
The Challenge: A training program needs to be developed which includes any city policy changes and then effectively presented to all employees.
Partner with the city to conduct an evaluation of the physical accessibility to the work site and the employer’s programs, activities and employment privileges.
The Challenge: Design and deliver an effective training program that generates awareness of the city’s policies for Reasonable Accommodations; an understanding of why they’re essential for helping people with disabilities to work; while addressing numerous rumors and misunderstandings about the current situation.

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